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About: TeamMember



I graduated from California State University of Sacramento with a BA in Art Studios/Digital Arts.  My passion for the arts have always been a vast part of my life, stemming from my childhood days of drawing and creating my own little comic books on my days off from school.  Growing up you would always hope to have your passions as part of your everyday life, thus, here I am.

The passion for filming and photography derived from my undergrad years in college as digital video and photography became more readily available.  After creating some A+ short film projects in class, my professor had suggested film school.  Instead, after I graduated, the self-taught process began and after a few years, here I am, filming and shooting weddings.

When a bride tells you that she cries happy tears every time she looks at the work you've created for her, it makes it all worth it.  It's wonderful to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

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